Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing pain in your tooth, especially when eating hot or cold food, biting or chewing or your tooth feels loose and the surrounding area is swollen, you could have an infection that requires root canal treatment.

This treatment has a bad reputation but that’s generally unfounded as it is highly unusual to have a painful root canal treatment. This is because the tooth has already died. In rare cases of a painful tooth, we can dress the tooth so that it ‘dies’ quietly, then return to the treatment when the symptoms have vanished.

"I find it so rewarding, when you get a patient in that literally doesn't even want to sit in the chair and when they leave they thank you and tell you it was not as bad as they thought it would be."
Rachael, Hygiene therapist

What is root canal treatment?

You will need root canal treatment if, due to decay or injury, the pulp in your tooth has become infected, which can lead to a painful abscess. The pulp is the soft core of the tooth which carries the nerve supply and nutrients and it connects right down to the root.

Treatment involves removing the infection and alleviating the pain and swelling associated with a dental abscess. The tooth is thoroughly disinfected, and then the nerve is removed from the root of the tooth before the tooth is sealed with a filling or a crown to prevent the infection from returning.

How it works

Usually a root canal treatment will take one or two visits and each appointment will last for about an hour. The treatment will take place under a local anaesthetic so should be pain-free and getting rid of the infection should prevent any additional pain or swelling. As much as possible will be done to save your natural tooth.