Dental bridges

If you are concerned about missing teeth or if you are looking for a replacement for dentures then a dental bridge could be the answer. Dental bridges are used to fill the gaps left by missing teeth and improve the appearance and the alignment of your existing teeth.

"Richard very kindly took some teeth out and replaced them with false teeth, he's done a very good job!"
Ian Oakley

How it works

A dental bridge is a false tooth anchored between two existing teeth. Made from a precious metal such as gold for the base, the artificial tooth is then covered with porcelain to match your teeth’s natural colour. The two teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and then bonded together with the artificial tooth in the middle, creating a neat row and a natural appearance. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge whilst your permanent bridge is being made, bespoke to you.

The benefits of dental bridges

Not only will having a bridge strengthen your teeth and bite, and improve the appearance of your teeth overall, it was also prevent any movement of your teeth. Gaps left by missing teeth can cause the other teeth to move position which can affect your overall bite. Having a bridge fitted will keep this from happening and return your natural smile.