Dental crowns

Sometimes if your tooth has been damaged, heavily filled, there is a lot of decay, or after root canal treatment, a simple filling isn’t enough so we may recommend that you have a dental crown. A crown or ‘cap’ is an artificial way of replacing a section of your natural tooth, restoring the shape of the original tooth as well as strengthening the remaining piece (somewhat like a crash helmet for teeth).

We regularly crown teeth that have huge fillings in. These fillings do not strengthen the teeth and often the natural side wall of the tooth will break off leaving us with little remaining tooth to fix. We recommend crowning these type of teeth in order to prevent bigger problems later on.

How it works

Having a crown made and fitted will take a couple of visits to us. Firstly, we shape the existing tooth under anaesthetic then we will make a mould of your tooth and chart the colour. A highly trained technician will then make a crown to match and you’ll be fitted with a temporary crown whilst your permanent crown is being produced.

Once the crown has been created you will need to return to the Practice to have it fitted. The whole procedure should be relatively pain-free when the crown is put in place. Once in position the crown should look and feel like your natural tooth.