Teeth Whitening

Many of us would like to have brighter, whiter teeth. Smoking, drinking coffee, red wine and even blackcurrant juice can all have an effect on your teeth, making them stained and discoloured.

At Complete Dentistry we understand that the appearance and colour of your teeth can have a huge effect on your self confidence. Our whitening treatment can quickly and easily restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

"We create mini works of art in patients mouths."
Richard C-I, Owner and Principal dentist

How it works

To begin with, we ask you to come into the Practice so we can discuss your teeth whitening requirements and suitability, before a visit to our hygienist to remove any existing stains and discolouration.

Our teeth whitening procedure is very simple and can be done in an hour in the surgery, where we use a special whitening gel combined with an activating light. Alternatively we can provide the treatment as a home kit for you to do in your own surroundings at a time that’s right for you. You even have the option to use a combination of in-practice and home treatment to optimise your results, quickly improving the colour of your teeth, and giving you brighter, whiter teeth.