Many people experience fear and anxiety at the thought of dental treatment. In some cases to the point that they are unable to visit the dentist. By letting issues go untreated it can lead to long-term and serious dental problems which can then in turn leave you with less choice on the solution.

"Patients come here and with a little bit of TLC they find they don't need sedation"
Jessica M

A relaxed atmosphere

At Complete Dentistry we pride ourselves in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to put even the most nervous patient at ease. We have a great deal of experience working with anxious patients and have developed a way of working which looks after patients’ individual needs – enabling the patient to take control and visit the Practice feeling calm and relaxed.

Conscious sedation

When it comes to treatment, we can offer ‘conscious sedation’ for particularly nervous patients. This is where we give you a sedative to help you relax and to block pain (an anesthetic), enabling you to remain calm during any treatment. Afterwards you will have little memory of the treatment itself. This is a great option for those affected by dental fear and anxiety and can also be useful for longer treatments where patients are concerned about the length of time they may be sat in the chair.

"Following a particularly complex implant based treatment. I was in the chair for 5 hours. It felt like 20 minutes"
Mrs F, Coulsdon