Dental Fillings

At Complete Dentistry we believe in preventative care. We will work with you to devise a thorough oral hygiene and treatment plan that will protect your teeth for the long term and allow you to feel confident in the health and appearance of your teeth and mouth. However, on occasion you may need treatment such as a simple filling to fix damage to the tooth and prevent further problems.

Invisible fillings

As an alternative to silver amalgam fillings, we can provide a white filling made from a resin. This simple treatment will disguise any repair to your tooth and will blend with your existing teeth, keeping your smile looking healthy and natural.

Pain and stress free

We understand that, for some people, visiting the dentist is a stressful experience and many people are apprehensive about undergoing treatment. At Complete Dentistry we will carry out your procedure in a calm and safe environment, using our state-of-the-art technology and in-depth dental knowledge to make sure that your whole experience is as pain and stress free as possible.