Nervous patients

Many people experience fear at the thought of visiting the dentist. At Complete Dentistry, our philosophy is that those feelings should not be part of your dental experience, and so we have developed a gentle, sympathetic approach to dental care. An approach with a human touch. We spend as much time as you need to get an understanding of your specific fears and will help walk you through possible solutions. These solutions may or may not require sedation, however we hope to get our patients to a stage where they are relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

"Richard is so friendly, he puts you at ease and I have every faith in him, and I think faith in your dentist is quite important."
Ann Maddocks

Overcoming your fear

If you have a fear of the dentist, we can work with you to help overcome your anxiety. We have developed a simple programme designed to help you to relax, with the aim that you will be able to undergo dental appointments and treatment without feeling stressed or anxious. Our programme includes a combination of ‘meet and greet’ days, where you’ll get to talk to staff and meet the dentist informally in our waiting room (and where you don’t even see any of our equipment); and easy to follow self-help techniques and with the option to try ‘conscious sedation’. You will have complete control over the timing of your visits and treatment to help you feel as calm and relaxed as possible.

Next steps

If you believe that you suffer from dental anxiety and need some support, then please call us at the Practice. We will be happy to discuss any issues you may have and design a programme based on your dental and wellbeing needs, enabling you to overcome any fear or anxiety.